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Developed by the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN) Foundation with the Milan Center for Food Law and Policy, the report is a tool for promoting and broadcasting information about the complex issues related to food in order to raise awareness among governments, institutions and public opinion about the urgent need for action to make the global food system truly sustainable.

The Food Sustainability Report is a helpful resource for experts as they navigate the flood of information about food and its impact on our society, the economy and the environment, offering insights into how, and the extent to which, these dynamics impact our daily lives and the fragile balance of the food system.
Issued quarterly, the report arose from continuous analysis of news and documents covering food and sustainability online from the main English-language resources, including informative websites, government bureaus, international agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and research institutes.
The Food Sustainability Report is a snapshot of the prevailing content and current trends seen in media, research and, legislation taken through data reflecting the amount of information available, text analysis of topics getting the most attention, and a signalling of news, documents and research papers to read, consider and highlight.

This report is part of a wider project that includes:
- the Food Sustainability Index (FSI), an up-to-date ranking of 25 of the world’s most important nations in terms of food system sustainability;
- the Food Sustainability Media Award, an international prize for journalists and emerging talents who best portray the paradoxes of the food system and present concrete solutions through text, images and videos;
- the Right to Food Map, developed by the Milan Center for Food Law and Policy with the BCFN Foundation to provide daily analysis of the most relevant English and Italian language documents relating to the right to food, nutrition and sustainability.
Please note: the Food Sustainability Report originates from and is an extension of the Right to Food Map

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